Serie official and Nike teamed up to launch the new season with the ball

Italian local time on July 1, the official Serie teamed up with Nike to push the 2013/14 Serie A season, the official ball, the Nike of Europe's top leagues Incyte series designed to become the biggest bright spot . Nova Masituer AC Milan youth team became the first to test the player with the ball, and the new season of the Italian Super Cup will be the ball first appearance for formal occasions.

The Nike Incyte ball in the new season's Serie A, Italian Cup, Italian Super Cup, U19 Youth League and youth team competitions at all levels to apply, this ball is Nike's top football league in the world and the most outstanding player specialized design, the new season of the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A Brazil will also use this ball. The ball follows the Nike radar technology to ensure the visibility of the ball and running track. The new blue geometry is able to let the players see it more clearly, and faster time to make movements. The ball has a groundbreaking five-layer structure, able to withstand the pressure of making it more evenly distributed over the entire surface open, thus ensuring its good touch, players can more easily control it. The superior flexibility is to allow players to become more powerful the shot and speed, its surface a shallow trench designed to improve the ball in flight stability and accuracy.

The official ball last season with black geometric patterns, and with the Italian flag in red and green, when the Italian professional league President Mauricio - Beretta at a news conference, said, "The new ball design concept from the Italian flag and the Italian professional league geometric patterns. "and the new season of the official ball still continued irregular geometric patterns. The first official test of this Serie A player with the ball is AC Milan 15-year-old youth team star Hazem - Masituer, he Incyte Nike ball is full of praise.
10/11/2013 02:45:52
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